As we begin 2016 it is important to reflect on what matters most; our faith, family, friends and health are right up at the top of our list. As you sit down and set goals for what you desire to accomplish this year, (with the things that matter most) remember to not only write them down but put them in a prominent place to ensure you reflect on them regularly throughout the year. As you re-read what you have written be sure to assess how you are progressing throughout the year.

2016 is WIDE open… A blank canvas for you to fill, but dreams don’t just ‘happen’ because you have a goal written. You must take action and have measurable steps along this 12-month-journey in order to achieve your goals and dreams. If goal setting is new to you, something you have never done before or in a long time, find someone to help guide you, to bounce ideas off of. We believe 2016 will be your BEST year ever, do you?

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Dennette has a heart for God's people. She is naturally gifted in counseling and freedom ministries. Her stories of God's grace and mercy will impact your life.

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