Who or what are you following?  Have you ever stopped to consider that question?  What is at the center of your world?  Is it your job or your boss, your spouse or children?  Maybe it’s your home, car, or pet.  Whatever it is that has your full focus, that is what you are following.
Ask yourself, have I placed this person or thing at the center of my life and does everything I do evolve around said person or thing?  Have I made this my idol?  My god?  All good points to ponder.
So easily we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this world and before we know it something, or someone, has become first in our lives and we have edged God out.  Did you catch that?  Edged God Out- EGO. Interesting isn’t it?  Sometimes it IS our own ego that gets in the way of listening to The God of the universe because we think ‘we’ can do a better job and certainly don’t need any help from the one who created us.  We can do a better job raising our children, earning an income, selecting our soul mate.  Why do ‘we’ need outside help when we can handle it ourselves?
Unfortunately that sounds all to familiar to many of us.  For years I did things my way and did not have my priorities in order and I can tell you this, I had ZERO peace throughout that period of my life.  It was a constant state of do, do, do.  Do more, gain more, become more.  While the climb the corporate ladder mentality did ‘appear’ to get me somewhere, all that striving eventually takes a toll and the hurried lifestyle wore me out both physically and emotionally.
I find it interesting that in the Bible, two fisherman, Peter, and Andrew his brother, were casting a net into the sea and Jesus walked by with a simple invitation for them to stop ‘doing’ and simply follow Him.  Leaving everything behind they followed Him.  Can you imagine?  Leaving your work behind and following someone who offers such a simple invitation without a lot of explanation.  Hard to imagine, yet that simple act of faith and trust led them on a different path in life.  One that did not have them toiling for hours in their own strength.  One that did not have them striving and competing for more and one that I am sure gave them more peace then they had before.
I did follow that simple invitation years ago and I DO have peace in a manner that truly surpasses all understanding.  My world is back in order.  Is yours?  Maybe today is the day to follow that simple invitation as well.

And He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."

Matthew 4:19

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