When we find ourselves lacking the power to achieve our goals, it’s time to evaluate our training. Are we training enough? Have we forgotten why we train? Have we lost the motivation to train due to success? Or, have we lost our motivation due to failure? Jesus reminds his disciples a lack of training is a lack of faith. When we stop praying, we have stopped believing in the power of God. And, when we stop believing in God’s power we are attempting to take over. In order to “train for godliness” we must keep our goal in front of us at all times. This will focus our attention on the only One who can get us to God. He is our motivation and the reason we keep training. If you desire to grow STRONGER in your faith and walk with God, listen to the exhortation of the Apostle Peter as he shares key attributes of a godly life.


It is rare to find a book today that offers a proper exegesis of Scripture without an adulterated message - Stronger is one of those books. This is an incredibly practical book that aims to make you a stronger disciple and follower of Yahweh. Whether you gave your life to Jesus yesterday, or you have been pastoring a church for 30 years, this book will transform you. I highly recommend this book to all who are deeply in love with the Lord Jesus

ChaseYouth Pastor, Portland OR

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