In the introduction to the Heaven on Earth series, we saw how Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount introduced this concept in the form of prayer asking that God’s kingdom should come and that the will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven.  We also saw that in Jesus, heaven came to earth and much more; and that it has been here ever since. But now as followers of Christ, we want to see how we can carry on with the exertion of this kingdom on the peoples around us. For He Jesus said, “As my Father has sent me, so send I you.”

That means that what He came to earth to introduce or do, we are to continue. But we are only going to be able to do so by the same Holy Spirit that He was going to send to us who also was upon Him, enabling Him to bring the influence of heaven to earth.

For the Holy Spirit is the conveyor of the kingdom today; but He does it through believers like you and me. In the fruit of the Spirit is the tangible presence of God amongst us i.e. the Holy Spirit revealing Himself through the believer. While the devil presses on us through people and circumstances to manifest the works of flesh, the Holy Spirit moves us through the word to conform to Christ and to manifest the fruit of Spirit.

So let us see how we are to Manifest Heaven on Earth through the fruit of the Spirit, which is the Holy Spirit manifesting heaven through us. All of the fruit of the Spirit are actually heaven’s atmosphere, they showcase the nature of God i.e. what He is like all the time (Gal. 5:19-23, James 1:17)

Love: to love is to embrace people as valuable and act in their best interests.  It is to love people the way God loves us. But in other to love people the way God loves them, we must first learn to see them the way God sees them-His treasure and pearl of great price bought by the precious blood of His only begotten Son

What about the question of loving the unlovable? The answer is, you can love any person, for love is a choice and not an emotion, we can give it as gift to people.

But if all you can see is what is wrong in people, then something is wrong in you. So what? Work on yourself first and go ahead with the choice to demonstrate loving kindness.

Joy means rejoicing, delight, gladness and cheerfulness. It is one of heaven’s atmosphere-Heaven is full of joy immersing and intense joy, what the Scripture describes as “joy unspeakable.” We saw Jesus in His earthly life and ministry constantly exudes this joy, He was so full of it, for He lived heaven’s life on earth. This same joy He promised to His followers in the Holy Spirit–my joy I give to you (See John 15:11); and what Jesus gives, no man can take away, no man can take away the joy of love from you. (See John 16:22).  And let us not forget that the world teaches us to focus on negatives but that the kingdom of God is about joy in the Holy Ghost (See Rom 14:17). We live that kingdom life now.

Peace is rest, set at one again (reconciliation), quietness on the inside, calmness in adversity. It means to be calm and at rest no matter what is happening.

We saw this in the life and ministry of Jesus; He was always at peace no matter the circumstances. Jesus came to model heaven’s lifestyle for us and we are to follow in His footsteps. The Scriptures call Him the Prince of Peace. He is peace and gives us peace. (See John 14:21, Matthew 8:23-27)

Patience. This means to endure quietly in the face of pressure, opposition, injustice. And much more to endure without complaining, criticizing, whining, and ultimately given in to using the language of hell, i.e. talking negatively about God, oneself, the circumstances and people. Instead we become grateful, thankful and worshiping God in expectation. The true test of patience is gratitude which eventually results in realization of the promise (Hebrews 6:12)

Kindness. To be kind is to be considerate and thoughtful of others and to be gracious. This is the very nature of God (See Exodus 34:6) So many times even in the Psalms alone, the Bible says the Lord is gracious, kind and good. Being gracious is demonstrated in small acts of consideration and generosity to people. You can give up your sit in a train for an elderly person to sit down who boarded after you-that’s an act of kindness. You can help carry a person’s luggage who is having to drag along with too much of a load on her hands (that’s another act of kindness). That is what Jesus would do if He finds Himself in that kind of situation, because He is kindness manifested in the flesh-heaven on earth.

Goodness means to look out for another person’s welfare in small acts. (Acts 9:39, 10:2, 38). It means to lift people up, add value and benefit to them. (Gal 6:10). We saw that in the life and ministry of Jesus; everywhere He went people were His concern. He always sought for ways to help people. In doing that, Jesus manifested heaven on earth through the Spirit, we too are to follow in His example and manifest heaven on earth through bearing these precious fruits of the Spirit.

Faithfulness. This means to hold fast to ones word, to keep your word, to be consistent. This is an attribute of God that is worth noting. God is a faithful God, and we His creations are creatures of righteousness of truth. He expects us to be faithful. That means we are to take after our Father and manifest His faithful nature on the earth. He (God) requires that we keep our word to the letter even when it is inconvenient.

Gentleness. To be gentle is to be meek, it means the ability to bring ones strength under control; it is humility in one word. Jesus said for us to learn of Him for He is gentle and lowly in heart. This is the true nature of heaven.  Gentleness is attractive anywhere and any day and God uses gentleness to get our attention. Another definition of gentleness means to have sweet spirit, to be dove-like, and to show mercy to others. That means not dominating or aggressive.  This is who God is; though He is strong and powerful, yet He does not dominate us and boss us; rather He lives us to make the choice of our lives, and even comes to our rescue when we are out of course and call for His aid and mercy. God is gentle.

Self-Control. This is the ability to delay gratification, to restrain oneself from reacting or going to the extremes. It means to be even tempered, and believing the best of people.Every child of God is built to live with self control; it is wired into us in the new birth by the Spirit of God.

In conclusion, we must not forget that these fruits are born in us by the Holy Spirit. He thus manifests heaven on earth through us. So let us yield and co-operate with the Holy Spirit in other to be able to invade our earth environment with these heaven’s natural environment.

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