In finishing the last of our four part series on “Heaven on Earth” I wanted to remind you that “It is the doer that is blessed and not just the hearer”, as the Scripture says.

So how do we bring this talk into practice in our everyday life and not just abandon it to abstraction. You and I know that without practice there can be no perfection; practice makes perfect, the saying goes. Never forget that the greatest room in the world is the room for improvement; that means that we should make adjustments for failing but must not remain there until we get perfect. If you fail while learning these practices, don’t quit. Dust yourself and try again until you hit the bullseye.

Select one Fruit of the Spirit to cultivate and develop in your life. It is what we pay attention to that grows. Everything great begins small. So it important for one to take stock of their life, look at any aspect of his or her heaven’s nature that is deficient and then work at it until it grows. Give conscious attention to cultivating that fruit; and when you fall in doing it, stand up again and give it another shot, until you come to perfection in it.

Revere and meditate on that fruit–what does it look like, and feel like in your life. When God was going to give the land of Canaan to the children of Israel, He told Joshua that meditating on the law-His word was one major ingredient for his success. As it was for Joshua, so it is for us today. Any fruit of the Spirit that you price and meditate on and work on will grow.

So take the time as it is in these studies to meditate and ponder on that particular fruit you want to be manifested in your life and you will see it taking root in you until it comes to full maturity and manifestation.

Receive that fruit as you meditate and release it with word to people, circumstances. “It is with the heart man believes and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:10). This law operates in every sphere of life of the Christian and much more in the cultivation of the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives. So as you meditate on that particular fruit, it will take root in your heart and mind and as you release it through words it will be establish and then create the environment of heaven around, in and among people. Our spiritual education is not complete until it comes out of our mouth.

And then finally, learn to always consciously observe your response when something happens; in that way you are putting yourself on check as to whether your are making progress or failing and if need be to adjust, you would then know to do so.

So embrace and release the fruit of the Spirit, for God is with you. All that He gives to you, you are to give to others. For freely you have received, freely you should also give. Manifest to others what they need; be it peace, love, joy etc and invade your world where you live, work and play with the atmosphere of heaven and as you give you also will receive more.

It is with the heart man believes and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation

Romans 10:10

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