Life is a constant struggle. For those living in awareness, the struggle exists both the natural and supernatural realm.  Often, from a warfare standpoint we focus primarily on the spiritual warfare side and forget that there is struggle also in the physical and mental areas of our lives.

We underestimate the impact that spiritual warfare can have on the rest of our bodies if we are not careful.  Jesus said, “In the world you will have tribulation…” (John 16:33).  As we are made up of flesh, soul, and spirit, an impact on anyone of these will inevitably have an affect on the other.  That is why Jesus Jesus went on to say, “…but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”  We must learn to fight against and overcome the things that come against us, and not let it bleed over to other areas of our life.

Maintaining a state of health is the act of balancing the physical body with the negative & positive aspects of our environment. To maintain good health, one must have a strong immune system to fight off the things that can cause poor health.  Given that we live in a fallen and evil world, there are a lot of factors that exist designed to harm us.  Thus, focusing on ensuring my body has the proper nutrition to fill the gaps in my diet, or ensuring my body has the proper amount of water to keep from being hydrated are as important as the spiritual health of my body.  To maintain balance, we have to fight.  We cannot be passive in this struggle.

Striving to become more holy in your walk with God should also be mirrored in becoming more balanced in your health and physical well being. Holiness, honoring God with all you are, is the balance between your physical and spiritual self.

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Barry has created a kingdom-focus business to help people grow in strength both physically and spiritually. His desire is to help strengthen the body of Christ through his books and preaching. He just published his first book, STRONGER, and is currently working on his second book, VICTORIOUS.

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